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Color: Pink with rosebuds

Gender: Female-adult

Size: Medium

Ear style: Ribbons or elastic


One HEPA filter and one copper nose wire is included and installed.

Inventory is limited during the pandemic. Please limit orders to 5 mask per family.

Ingels Engineering Services recognizes the need for the public to wear masks to prevent the spread of diseases like Covid 19 during the worst pandemic crisis since 1918.

With the help of our dedicated team, we designed a mask for our own employees and now wish to share our product with those of you who are looking for a cloth face mask that has the recommended three layers of covering. There are two layers of washable fabric, with a pocket for a HEPA filter to go inside. Together, the two layers plus the filter inside offers the best protection

criteria for a face covering that is recommended by the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.


We are offering replacement HEPA Filter squares you may purchase separately.


We are also offering replacement copper nose-wires to fit into the space for the nose piece on your mask. 


Product weight including packaging and instructions: 0.625 Lb

Pink & Rosebuds. Female. Adult. Ribbons